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AUTH-0028-4 Renesas M32C
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AUTH-0028-4 Renesas M32C

AUTH-0028-4 Renesas M32C
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Price: 85.00€
Availability: In Stock
Model: AUTH-0028-4
Manufacturer: ELDB electronics


  • Last update: 2019.02.24
  • Compatible with XPROG-box software V6.2.5 or higher.
  • Supported devices (M16C, M32C, R8C, R32C):
    • M30620/21/22/25/26/27/2A/2B/2J/2L/N4
    • M30833FW/FH/FJ
    • M30843FW/FH/FJ
    • M30845FW/FH/FJ
    • M3085FW/FH/FJ
    • M30853FW/FH/FJ Data-Flash, Code-Flash
    • M30855FW/FH/FJ Data-Flash, Code-Flash
    • M30880FW/H/J Data-Flash, Code-Flash
    • M30882FW/H/J Data-Flash, Code-Flash
    • R8C/36 R5F2136x
    • R8C/54 R5F2154x
    • R5F64524x EEPROM, Data-Flash, Code-Flash
    • R5F64525x EEPROM, Data-Flash, Code-Flash
    • R5F6452Mx EEPROM, Data-Flash, Code-Flash
    • R5F6452Nx EEPROM, Data-Flash, Code-Flash
    • R5F6216...R5F6219 EEPROM, Data-Flash, Code-Flash
  • Supported adapters:
    • no additional adapters required.
  • Connection diagrams M16C/M32C/R32C/R8C
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