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FAQ Mini Lathe


  • Q: My mini-lathe controller has built-in an interlock that forces me to turn the speed control to zero to start the motor. When the direction is changed  (Forward/OFF/Reverse) I must turn the speed control  off/on to get the mini-lathe to start. What modifications should I do, to start the mini-lathe without moving the speed control.
  • AYour mini-lathe potentiometer(speed control) with switch, which is interlocked with Forward/Off/Reverse switch. Contrary to common, the switch contacts are closed when the potentiometer in '0' position (lathe OFF, figure 1) and are opened when the potentiometer not in '0' position (lathe ON, figure 2).



If you want to start lathe without moving the potentiometer, you must connect a push button (~250VAC 5Amps or more) as show in figure 3. When you click on the button, mini lathe will start to operate.


Attention! use only push button. Not toggle button or switch.