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  • Q: I want to use latest xprog software. This software compatible with software dongle from V5.3?
  • A: Our software never used dongles. Latest versions also works without dongle and available for free download.
  • Q: A few months ago we buy XPROG clone, not original. About two weeks it works fine, but now it is a concern to us. We can 'READ' MCU eeprom, but when we try to 'VERIFY' again MCU EEPROM data, the data is already different. We think that XPROG is broken. Do you offer  the  XPROG repair services? 
  • A: We know the situation with XPROG clones. XPROG clones using the cracked firmware and software. About 97% of the clone starts to work perfectly when using the original software. You can also use the original software, but your XPROG hardware must be registered. How to register  XPROG hardware, you can find here. Other 3% of cases, we can provide XPROG hardware repair service. Service price depending on the problem and is about 50 .. 120eur + shipping + hardware registration.
  • Q: Where we can find list of the fake XPROG sellers?
  • A:  fake XPROG sellers list.
  • Q: We have XPROG hardware and it works fine. Now we would like to purchase an additional authorization. Can we buy from you and what price?
  • A: Yes, you can purchase authorizations from us, but your XPROG hardware must be registered. How to register  XPROG hardware, you can find here. For more information, please contact us.

General recommendations how to read secured HC12, 9S12, 9S12X, 9S12XE(T, P)

  • In all cases, we recommend lift MCU OSC pin from PCB.
  • Use oscillator wire similar to shown in the picture.
  • Security must bypassed  up to  10..15 seconds. if not, cancel bypass security, check wires connection and device type.  Otherwise MCU can be damaged.
  • Never try to bypass security more than 10..15 seconds