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2018.04.09 XPROG-box software
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2018.04.09 XPROG-box software

  XPROG-box software update to version V5.8.7


  • Updated authorizations
  • Added new devices
    • SPC560P34/40
    • SPC564A70/80
    • S/MPC5642/44
    • 9S12HZ128/256 2L16Y, 3L16Y
    • VOLVO V40 2013 CEM with SPC560B60L7X
    • Ford Fiesta > 2009 Dashboard with 9S12HZ256 3L16Y
  • Tools: 9S12 file file converter. Converts fragmented 2 Mbytes 9S12 flash file to linear file that size is equal to 9S12 flash size.
  • 9S12HZ128/HZ256 (2L16Y, 3L16Y) FLASH file format switched to linear.
  • 9S12HZ128/HZ256 (2L16Y, 3L16Y) FLASH write bug fixed
  • Some bugs fixed