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2012.07.16 XPROG-box software
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2012.07.16 XPROG-box software

XPROG-box software update to version V5.4.2

Download version V5.4.2

  • Added new authorization AUTH-0024-3 9S12XE SECURITY. Now authorization AUTH-0024 support Freescale secured MC9S12XE devices that is used in many ECU units (CAS4, XP8000E...).
  • Added new devices
    • CAS4 5M48H PFLASH
    • CAS4 5M48H DFLASH
    • CAS4 9S12C64
    • XP8000E XET256 2M53J PFLASH
    • XP8000E XET256 2M53J Emulated EEPROM
    • MCU 9S12C64 mask 2L09S
    • Serial eeproms AT25080/160/320/640
    • MCU MC68HC05B4 mask B92T
    • MCU MC68HC05B8 mask 0B83T
  • Bug fixed
    • Micronas CDC32xx bug fixed (Audi A3 2011 and others) This bug fixed only for original adapter ADP-0017 rev. C+. For third party adapters fix this bug impossible by firmware. Sorry.