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XPROG-box, XPROG-m software, USB Drivers, Documentation,...


Before purchase always request xprog hardware ID and send for us for genuine check.

fake xprog sites

XPROG-box software


  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Change xprog software installation directory security to full control
    • ../ELDB Software -> Properties -> Security -> Edit
    • For all users check Full control

XPROG software V6.7.3

XPROG-box USB configuration update utility (Download )

Steps how to update USB configuration:

  • Utility work only on Windows XP ... WIN7
  • Connect XPROG to PC
  • Start software
  • Click "Refresh" button
  • Click "Update" button
  • Disconnect XPROG from PC
  • Connect XPROG to PC
  • Now XPROG ready to work with WinXP...Win11


XPROG-box USB drivers

Download old Windows xprog drivers
Download Windows x32 xprog drivers
Download Windows x64 xprog drivers

XPROG documentation
Download XPROG users manual
Download All XPROG docs