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2011.06.25 XPROG-box software
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2011.06.25 XPROG-box software

2011.06.25 XPROG-box software update to version V5.3.5

  • Introduced new Dashboard tool: micronas CDC32xx-24C32-Tool
    This tool enables to read/write EEPROM data including all encrypted
    blocks. All encrypted blocks automatically decrypted/encrypted when
    execute read/write commands. So with this tool you can view and edit
    all encrypted blocks and also easy transfer EEPROM data from one
    dashboard to another.
  • Added new dashboards support: 1K0920863B, 1K0920864B, 1K0920874B,
    1T0920864A, 1T0920874A, 1Z0920812D, 1Z0920842D, 1Z0920842E, 1Z0920912D,
    3C0920852S, 3C0920871D, 8J0920930E, 8P0920931B.
  • Added new MCU`s support: MC9S12XHZ256, MC9S12XHZ384, MC9S12XHZ512.
  • Some small bugs fixed.