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2011.10.02 Connection diagrams

Updated connection diagrams ECU with MC9S12XE

2011.09.17 XPROG-box products

New XPROG-box family products introduced: XPROG-box (Aluminium) FULL set package and Third party XPROG registration fee(FULL)

2011.09.05 XPROG-box software

XPROG-box software update to version V5.3.6

2011.09.02 Connection Diagrams

Added connection diagrams ECU with MAC7242

2011.08.26 XPROG-box hardware

New XPROG-box hardware with aluminum case introduced...

2011.07.22 New adapters

Start sale general purpose PCB adapters: SOIC28, QFP64, QFP80, QFP112, QFP144